Do MORE with LESS… a collaborative framework for execution

Obtaining a sustainable shared services model for government requires a collaborative approach that everyone can leverage. Here are some collaborative framework suggestions for execution.


•Choose wisely - Intra/inter-agency collaboration must focus on areas that can bring the greatest benefit (i.e. combining systems with the most overlap)

•Keep it simple – organizations with unique requirements will have to compromise

•Understand cost - to prove cost-efficiency and correctly share the cost burden

•Learn and adapt - Implement an effective feedback loop (surveys, use diagnostics, analyze key performance metrics) to continuously improve

•Adopt repeatable roadmaps - to cut budget intelligently without undermining services

•Leverage the best standards based enterprise technology that…

- lays a solid foundation that addresses evolving policy and user needs

- Automatically obtains a reusable, scalable and interoperable platform

- Immediately addresses the persistent need for a broad set of essential resources for long term sustainment



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