Shared IT Services Strategy: Part II

Please share your feedback on Part II of the document. The “Implementation Strategy” section includes the following:


This section expands on the “Crawl, Walk , Run” approach to Federal IT. The three steps that are outlined are:


•Agency CIOs identify opportunities to expand Intra-Agency Shared Services for Commodity IT

•Leverage Existing Efforts to Develop the Next Generation of Inter-Agency Shared IT Services

•Drive Shared Services Delivery Through Higher ROI Investments


The section also expands on the Shared First and Future First concepts.


The section also lays out the plan for implementing the strategy itself. The steps are as follows:

•Shared IT Services Strategy Information Sessions

•Two-Day Offsite discussions aimed at….

•Identification/Migration of Two Commodity IT Areas to a Shared Environment by the End of 2012

•Shared Services Assessment, Benchmarks, and Improvement Roadmaps for Managing Partners



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